Turnberry Castle

The fragmentary ruin is all that remains next to the sea

It’s unknown exactly when Turnberry Castle was built, but it passed to the Earls of Carrick at the beginning of the 13th century. Later that century, Marjorie, Countess of Carrick married Robert de Brus, and their son Robert the Bruce became King of Scots and hero of the Wars of Independence. 

Turnberry saw two important events in Scots medieval history. In 1286, Scots barons made secret plans there to support the Bruce as successor to the crown, and in 1307 it saw a fierce battle to reclaim it from English soldiers. Robert destroyed it in 1310 to stop it falling once more. 

The castle was never rebuilt, and now there are little more than vaults and cellars to see. There are traces of a drawbridge and an old portcullis, and we know it was a large defensive fortress, with caves that lead out to sea serving as a natural harbour. 

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Turnberry Castle