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Croy beach

Croy Beach

Croy Beach is located between Maidens and Dunure in Ayrshire. With views of Culzean Castle, Alisa Craig and the Isle...
Prestwick beach people cycling on promenade

Prestwick Beach

During the late Victorian era and into the 1900’s, Prestwick Beach was a popular health resort where people would come...
Maidens Harbour

Maidens Beach

Maidens Beach is a lovely, long sandy beach and a grass foreshore. The harbour, like many Ayrshire harbours, was built...
Dunure beach with castle in background

Dunure Beach

Dunure beach is mainly rock and shingle, but the rocks are perfect for climbing, exploring and studying rock pools. If...
White sands and blue sea on a cloudy day.

Girvan Beach

Girvan Beach is a beautiful, wide sandy beach with a promenade right along its length, and a large expanse of...
Ballantrae Bay Beach

Ballantrae Beach

Ballantrae beach is beautiful place to visit, with a charming mixture of tranquillity and ruggedness. To the north is the...

Ayr Beach

Ayr has a wonderful, clean, sandy beach, which has been enjoyed for generations. You can enjoy a picnic, build sandcastles,...

Troon Beach

Troon beach is divided into two beach areas. Barassie shore opens up to the north, and Troon curves into a...
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