Ayrshire Coastal Path

Ayrshire Coastal Path

The Ayrshire Coastal Path runs for 100 miles between Glenapp in South Ayrshire and Skelmorlie in North Ayrshire, passing through towns and villages on the way. The path was created and built by the Rotary Club of Ayr, opening in 2008, and gaining recognition as one of Scotland’s Great Trails.

The Trail is fully managed and maintained by volunteers: The Ayrshire Coastal Path Management Board and their group of loyal Pathminders. The Official Guide Book, available to purchase from their website, is a must for all path walkers. It contains photos, maps and tide details, and a wealth of information on the fascinating history, geography and natural history of the Ayrshire Coast.  All proceeds from book sales are used towards the maintenance costs involved in the upkeep of the Ayrshire Coastal Paths. 

Image credit © Scott Cameron Wanstall | The Ayrshire Photographer

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