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The village of Barr sits 8 miles inland from Girvan. It was originally a small hamlet where smugglers found a safe haven, close to the bays and inlets of the Ayrshire coast, but also close to the Raiders Road.

The village is situated where the River Stinchar meets the Water of Gregg, at a place known locally as ‘The Pot’; a popular picnic spot. It can be accessed from three directions, with the main route known locally as ‘The Screws’, because of the way it twists through the countryside.

Barr is a quiet, peaceful village, surrounded by lots of natural beauty. It also has strong historical links to the Covenanters, with several laid to rest in the village graveyard. You can visit the beautiful church and see the clock tower of Kirk Angus nearby.

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View of the farmhouse with hills in the background

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Barr Trails

The Barr Trails are suitable for all ages and walking abilities. About 20 miles (32 km) of paths join together...

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