Stumpy Tower

Stumpy Tower

Stumpy Tower, Dalrymple Street, Girvan KA26 9EU

Girvan’s Stumpy Tower, known as ‘Auld Stumpy’, is what remains of Girvan’s courthouse and jail. It was built in 1825-27, and is now the town’s most prominent landmark. 

You’ll find it on central Knockcushan Street, the site of Girvan’s court since ancient times. It’s now a B-listed building, made up of five levels, and has an octagonal spire and belfry. It has cells on the first, second and third floors, all with barrel-vaulted ceilings. 

The buildings around the tower were demolished in 1908, and it was joined to the McMaster Hall, which opened in 1911. The hall was destroyed by fire in 1939, leaving only the Stumpy Tower, which now stands in a small square, surrounded by seating and flower planters. In summertime it’s open to the public, and you’ll find useful information on the boards inside. 


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