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About Story Stroll

Story Stroll is a family-friendly self-led trail around Rozelle Park where you will encounter some recognisable characters from your favourite stories, all with a Scottish link.

Who will you spot?

Rozelle Park, Ayr

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Meet the Story Stroll Characters

Rupert the Bear

Rupert the Bear is a recognisable children’s comic strip character who made his first appearance back in 1920.

“There’s a million stories to be told” about Rupert the Bear, but did you know this? One of the illustrators who brought his adventures to life was Alex Cubie, who lived in Girvan, South Ayrshire.

Long John Silver

Long John Silver is a fictional character in the novel Treasure Island.  Silver’s recognisable appearance including his missing leg, added to his characteristics making him the colourful character he was.

Robert Louis Stevenson, Scottish novelist and poet created Treasure Island and many other titles which remain well-known and loved to this day.

Did Robert Louis Stevenson dream of Treasure Island as a boy in Edinburgh? Maybe. What we know for certain is he went on to write tales of the villainous pirate Captain Long John Silver in 1883.

Stick Man

Stick Man lives in a Tree with his family however one day when he steps outside the tree, his adventures certainly do begin.  He ends up traveling far, seeing all sorts of weather and being played with by both children and pets! The question is, will Stick Man make it back to the family tree in time for Christmas?

Did you know that Stick Man has also been enjoyed by families in the Scots language?  This children’s classic brought the Scots Language to readers in the translation appropriately named ‘Stick Mannie

“Stick Mannie bides in the faimly tree” and James Robertson – the translator of the wonderful story Stick Man by Julia Donaldson –  bides in Angus.

Julia Donaldson herself has also enjoyed living in Scotland for many years now.


Shrek is a loveable Scottish Ogre who reluctantly finds a friend, Donkey.

Though his accent is clearly Scottish (“That’ll do Donkey”) Shrek’s heritage can not be proven. However, Actor Mike Meyer’s love of the Scottish people ensured this loveable Ogre is a Scot through and through.

VisitScotland honoured Shrek with a kilt made in a specially designed tartan by Lochcarron of Scotland.

Captain Hook

Captain Hook, a fictional character of J.M. Barrie’s famous work Peter Pan has an identifiable feature, his ‘Hook’.

Captain Hook’s real name was never divulged (although his fencing prowess was clear). However, we can reveal that J.M. Barrie – his creator from Kirriemuir, Angus  – was officially Sir James Matthew Barrie, 1st Baronet.

Peter Pan

Please note: Peter Pan is visiting Neverland just now, but will be back soon.

Peter, a fictional character of J.M. Barrie’s famous work Peter Pan has been described as a mischievous youngster who never grows up and loves to enjoy many adventures.

“Second star to the right and straight on ’til morning.” This is the way to Neverland, but if you head north after Dundee you will find J.M. Barrie’s home town of Kirriemuir in Angus.

Katie Morag

Katie Morag is a young girl who lives on a fictional Scottish island with her family and enjoys many an adventure.

Although born in Gourock, the islands lured author Mairi Hedderwick and were the inspiration for her Katie Morag books – tales of a young girl and her quest for adventure.

The Sorting Hat

The Sorting Hat is the famous hat faced by all young wizards in the Harry Potter series created by JK Rowling.

Which House would you belong to in Hogwarts? The Sorting Hat will decide! JK Rowling describes herself as belonging to Gryffyndor, the same house as her hero Harry Potter whose stories she wrote while living in Edinburgh.

Peter Rabbit

Please note: Peter Rabbit is on his holidays, but will be back soon.

Peter Rabbit is Beatrix Potter’s famous mischief-maker. Peter, a fictional character who lives with his family and is warned often to stay out of the vegetable garden of Mr McGregor.  However disobedient Peter cannot resist at times and this is where many of his adventures happen.

The Potters would spend summers in Birnam, Perthshire, where The Beatrix Potter Garden celebrates her life and work.

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes is the fictional detective created by author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and is easily recognisable to this day.

The deductions of this extraordinary fictional detective were elementary, described with skill by the writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who was born in Edinburgh, July 7th 1930. After 62 cases, Holmes was finally defeated by his archnemesis Professor James Moriarty.  

Squirrel Nutkin

Squirrel Nutkin, one of the main characters in Beatrix Potter’s ‘The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin’, travels with his brother and cousins to collect nuts however will Nutkin annoy an owl named Old Brown once too often?

Beatrix Potter’s family had strong connections to Scotland and she holidayed frequently in Perthshire. Could it be here she witnessed Squirrel Nutkin fleeing from owl Old Brown?

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