About Lendalfoot

Lendalfoot is a small village in Carleton Bay, about 6 miles south of Girvan. It sits on the A77, the main route from Ayr to Stranraer. Carleton Hill rises 520ft from the road, and is the site of an ancient fort.

The ‘Forest of Rocks’ is a term used for the sea stacks you can see along the road. Two of the sea stacks have the appearance of human figures and are called the ‘Old and Young Laird’.

Carleton Castle overlooks the village, by the Games Loup cliffs. Legend states that Sir John Cathcart of Carleton Castle became rich by marrying heiresses, and one by one they fell from the cliffs. Mary of Culzean was his ninth bride, but when he demanded her jewelled gown before pushing her, she asked him to turn around, before spinning him to his own death.

Lendalfoot has a strong relationship with the sea. Several memorials mark many shipwrecks, most notably the The Varyag, a Russian Imperial Cruiser grounded there in 1920.


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