Ayr Show Trader Application Form

Trader Application Form

6 - 7 September 2024, Low Green, Ayr

Are you interested in becoming a trader at the 2024  International Ayr Show Festival of Flight? To find out more and apply online please read our Terms and Conditions below.  Please note: the deadline for this application to be received is Friday 14 June at 5pm

Terms and Conditions

  • Trader space is limited, and it is at the discretion of South Ayrshire Council whether your merchandise or activity is acceptable for this event.
  • If your application is successful payment in full will have to be received within 24 hours otherwise you will lose the Trader space.
  • Collection cans / buckets or ‘tin-rattling’ is not permitted anywhere on the Ayr Show site.
  • You must be available to attend on both dates.  Individual dates are not available. 
  • Size of pitch area cannot be increased.
  • South Ayrshire Council will not be responsible for any loss or damage to any personal or business property.
  • You will be able to provide your own tables and chairs on top of what will be supplied but they must be kept within the space and size of your marquee. The trader pitch area and set up is fixed and cannot be altered by the trader.
  • Traders must ensure their pitch is kept presentable and is in keeping with the planning and site rules set out by the site manager of the air show during event hours.
  • Traders are not allowed to sub-let their pitch.
  • The distribution of leaflets or other printed material are to be restricted to your pitch area.
  • No legal highs or vapes are permitted to be advertised.
  • Power is not available. You are not permitted to supply your own power.
  • Wi-Fi is not available and phone mobile data will be very limited due to expected audience numbers.
  • You are not permitted to bring additional marquees or similar structures.
  • Once booking is confirmed the site manager will contact you to go over all timings, planning and site rules.
  • No items should be attached to the marquee without the permission of the site manager.
  • Pitch areas must not give off any noise unless approved by the site manager.
  • South Ayrshire Council reserve the right to alter the above terms and conditions.

Vehicle Passes

There is a strict limit of one vehicle per trader allowed on the site. This vehicle must be removed off site by the designated time stated to you on arrival and parked in the trader’s car park.


Once you receive confirmation that your application has been successful you will be requested to pay in full to secure your booking. Payments will be online through our customer invoicing service and further details will be provided to you where appropriate. 


Once booking is confirmed, no refunds are available. Cancellation by trader or non-attendance will forfeit booking fees.

Traders’ Pack

Traders’ Packs, including admission passes to the site, are scheduled to be emailed out during week commencing Monday 26 August 2024 and will be sent to the email address provided on the application form.

Allocation of Sites

Traders / Exhibitors cannot request a particular pitch within the trading area they have booked, and no discussion will be entered in to. Details of allocated trade pitches will not be made available in advance of the event. The Ayr Show Office will ensure that all traders / exhibitors are allocated an appropriate pitch. The Ayr Show Office reserve the right to change trading location without notice due to operational requirements.

Site Reception

Site Reception will be established near the entrance to the Low Green at Pavilion Road and will be the main point of access to the site for traders and exhibitors. Details of opening times will be published in the Traders’ Pack.


The site will open for trade and exhibition set-up on Friday 6 September, from 8am.  Access will be via Site Reception. 

Late arrivals may be refused entry to the site. All traders / exhibitors must be set-up by, and all vehicles removed from site, by 3pm and parked in the traders’ car park.  There shall be no vehicle movement permitted during public opening hours.

Please do not arrive earlier or leave later than the stated times on any day – you may be denied access.

Vehicle Operation

There is no vehicle movement permitted in the crowd area, from 1 hour before the live event, until permission has been given by the site managers.  Anyone found driving in the crowd area during this period will be banned from taking further part at the event and will also be banned from trading at future events held at The Low Green, Ayr.

The speed limit on site is 5mph.

Prohibited Goods

Traders / exhibitors are prohibited from selling or showcasing the following products at the Ayr Show:

a) Any live animal, including livestock, caged birds and fish.

b) Food and drink, refreshments or confectionery including sweets, chocolate and cakes.

c) Balloons, kites, remote controlled aircraft and drones.

d) Stink-bombs or other offensive/nuisance materials.

e) Weapons, replica weapons, electro-shock weapons, or ammunition of any kind.

f) Knives, or any sharp blade of more than 6cm.

g) Flammable, corrosive and toxic substances.

h) Soft toy ticket draws.

i) Any type of product or material which uses ‘Ayr Show Festival of Flight’ or ‘Royal Air Force’ branding, without the written permission of the Ayr Show Office.

Any stand using lottery, raffle, tombola or gaming tickets must be officially registered with the appropriate regulatory body and ensure compliance to relevant regulations.

The Ayr Show Office reserves the right to prohibit any other item, at any time, for any trader.


All traders / exhibitors have an important role to play in ensuring that the Ayr Show Festival of Flight is conducted in a safe and secure manner. The following are essential practices for all persons working on site:

a) Maintain a high level of security awareness at all times.

b) Report any suspicious objects, bags, vehicles or people either directly to the Exhibition Team or to a member of site staff as soon as possible. This includes persons suspected of operating UAVs / Drones.

c) Label any luggage and not leave it unattended under any circumstances.

d) Carry an official form of photographic ID at all times (e.g. Photo Driving Licence).

f) Ensure that an Ayr Show vehicle pass is displayed prominently in their vehicle, with all details correctly filled in.


Trading Regulations

Roaming sales, and the distribution of literature outside of your allocated trading pitch is strictly forbidden. This includes placement of leaflets on vehicles in the car parks. Any trader / exhibitor found to be roaming away from their trade pitch will be asked to leave the site immediately and will be banned from trading at future events held at Low Green, Ayr.

All traders are responsible for keeping litter to a minimum.  The distribution of leaflets and use of raffle tickets on trade stands should be kept to a bare minimum to prevent these items being dropped as litter.

At the end of the show, traders / exhibitors must leave the space allocated for their use in good condition, totally free of litter. The organisers will assess dilapidation and any damage caused, with any costs associated with clearance / repair chargeable to the trader / exhibitor responsible.

All traders / exhibitors must be clear of the site by Sunday 8 September at 5pm.

Barbeques, open flame fires, gas-stoves and all other cooking equipment are all strictly prohibited.

Any trader / exhibitor with Air Band Radio displays must not have any equipment tuned to any emergency or military frequency. Radar equipment is strictly prohibited on the Ayr Show site.

Overnight Camping

Traders / exhibitors are not permitted an overnight stay on site. 

Static and roaming security will be located on site throughout the night.

Cancellation Policy

In the event of the abandonment of the Ayr Show, the organisers will not be liable in respect of expenditure or loss incurred by traders in connection with the event. Appropriate refunds of site fees only, will be allowed if show is cancelled for operational reasons.

Insurance Requirements and Safety Statement

South Ayrshire Council accepts no responsibility in respect of personal injury or loss of or damage to vehicles or property. Exhibitors and traders must insure themselves against such loss or damage, including the risk of fire, and to provide their own Third-Party Insurance, with a minimum cover of £1,000,000. Proof of insurance, which is in date on 6 and 7 September 2024, must be provided at the time of booking.

All traders / exhibitors are to comply with current UK legislation relating to their business.

All traders must supply a Risk Assessment which is suitable and sufficient to cover hazards and mitigations to prevent harm to visitors and staff. A separate Fire Risk Assessment is also required.

These must be made available to the organisers, along with other regulatory certificates (if required), on request. Your Risk Assessment and Fire Risk Assessment must be provided at the time of booking.

South Ayrshire Council is committed to ensuring that, so far as reasonably practicable, all activities associated with staging the Ayr Show Festival of Flight are carried out in a manner that safeguards the health, safety, and welfare of its staff and of others (visitors, participants, suppliers, contractors or members of the public) who may be affected by these activities. All risks associated with the hosting of the Air Show should be reduced to As Low as Reasonably Practicable (ALARP). A site induction must be carried out on arrival.

Event Promotion

Traders / exhibitors are asked, where possible, to help promote the International Ayr Show Festival of Flight. A media pack will be issued, and traders / exhibitors are encouraged to promote the event and their attendance to their mailing list or social media channels.


Traders / exhibitors acknowledge they may be photographed or filmed at the event. Traders / exhibitors agree to the use of video or picture images or recordings including sound taken by or on behalf of the organisers for any and all purposes determined by the organisers, including for commercial purposes, in any and all media without further authorisation, notification or payment.

Traders / exhibitors shall not without the organisers’ prior written consent sell, license, or otherwise exploit, or attempt to exploit, any material whether written or in the form of digital or photographic film, sound, video or other recording or computer software obtained or made at the Ayr Show Festival of Flight.

Failure to comply with any site regulation listed in this document may result in removal from the Ayr Show site immediately, loss of booking fee and refusal of attendance at future events held at Low Green, Ayr.

Privacy Statement

At South Ayrshire Council we take your privacy seriously, we will only use your personal information to provide the services you have requested from us relative to South Ayrshire Events and in the delivery of these Events.  Further information on this can be found in our Destination South Ayrshire – Events Privacy Notice which is available online at Destination South Ayrshire Privacy Notice – South Ayrshire Council (south-ayrshire.gov.uk).  A paper copy of this Privacy Notice can be obtained by contacting relevant staff.

Application Form

Deadline for applications is Friday 14 June 2024.

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I understand that it is my responsibility to have all relevant documentation including public liability insurance and risk assessments and I will be asked to provide evidence of this when my application is approved and my booking will not be confirmed until I have provided payment and relevant documents.*